From Brighton Mentoring & Befriending training:

'Very useful introduction to mentoring and clear definition of what it is about.'

From Peterborough Winter Night Shelter:

'Emma was very knowledgeable and personable and made the whole process an extremely helpful and useful experience. Her own experience of running a Winter Night Shelter was quite evident and she totally appreciated the challenges faced by a newly set up project.'

From Barnet Winter Night Shelter:

'I just wanted to say thank you so much for this week, for all your hard work and for facilitating a meaningful, useful and enjoyable time for all involved.'

'I really enjoyed it and found it very useful. In particular the mental health awareness session was particularly useful as it gave us practical tools on how to handle situations involving poor mental health of our guests. I feel better equipped now to deal with a variety of mental health issues and have already put the tools into practice.' 

From Robes Project Managing Challenging Behaviour training:

'A confident, reassuring voice.'

'Good content; just right. A good interactive session.'

From Notre Dame de France Catholic Church, Leicester Square:

'It was very valuable.  Everyone said how helpful and interesting it was...It has given us more confidence and ideas on how to develop our hospitality to our guests.'

From Crisis about our Shelter Forum:

'Have really enjoyed coming to the forums, despite the often sad / hard reality of what is discussed I can't help but come away from them feeling pretty positive. This is to do with the open sharing and optimistic atmosphere created by everyone that attends'

From Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelter about our Shelter Forum:

'Thanks for all your support and wisdom and for the HJ shelters forum which has been great, informative, good for networking and a lifeline at times'