Soup Runs have been involved in reaching out with essential food and hospitality to people on the streets in London and around the UK for decades.

The Soup Run Forum London was started by Housing Justice in 2004 to bring together representatives from the many groups of volunteers who give free food and drink to homeless, lonely or disadvantaged people within the Greater London area, together with anyone who shares an interest in improving services for people on the streets.

The forum seeks to help soup run volunteers to connect up more fully with other homelessness services, so that together we can create a better and more effective safety net for homeless people.

If you are involved in providing this type of service in London or would like to connect with others in this work you are welcome to attend the Soup Run Forum, which is organised by Housing Justice every two months.

Click here for the "Housing Justice Soup Run Good Practice Guide"

Here is the Soup Run listings at The Pavement

Email The Pavement if your group is not listed, or the details are incorrect.

Useful information is also available from Streets Kitchen.