A sponsored sleepout is an excellent way to raise money for our work. In addition, sleeping out under the stars is also a wonderful occasion to reflect on hardships that many homeless people endure every day.

How to do it:

1. Recruit a little team that will help you organise an event

2. Set up the initial team meeting to:

i/ agree the sleepout location – see if you can get your local priest to let you use your some part of your local church to hold the sleepout

ii/ agree the tactics you will use to recruit the participants

iii/ decide on the admission fee to help you cover the costs, including snacks, supper and breakfast (say £7.50 or £10)

iv/ decide who will enquire about getting the permission for holding the event with the property owner or (if property is publicly owned) with the Local Authority

v/ have a brainstorming session to decide what can you get donated by local community or businesses

vi/ decide who will you invite to hold the opening speech before the sleepout

vii/ decide who will be in charge of health and safety

3. Set up a Facebook page for your sleepout. Ask your local church(es) to promote the sleepout on their website. Twitter mentions are also very useful. Link these pages with our homepage www.housingjustice.org.uk

4. Design leaflets, promotional material, sponsorship forms for participants and print these. Do contact us for some of our leaflets, brochures or even sponsorship forms to be emailed or posted to you.

5. Design individual sponsorship forms for your participants to help them reach their fundraising targets (yes, it is advisable to decide on this beforehand as having a fundraising target will help people focus on getting their sponsorship!)

6. Keep encouraging participants to ask their sponsors to sign Gift Aid declaration on their sponsorship forms – it will help them up on 25% more from each £1 raised and help reach their target quicker!

7. Promote event with your local media

8. Hold the sleepout!