News round up                                                                                                                                                         27.06.17



Grenfell: all towers that have been tested so far (60 across 25 local authorities)  have failed fire safety

Excellent piece from Will Heaven in the Catholic Herald on Grenfell Tower

Benefits freeze: new Sec of State for Dept of Work and Pensions, David Gauke, has said that benefits ‘likely’ to remain frozen

Bovis ‘compromised’: house builders admits it ‘compromised along the way ... We built too quickly…[and subcontractors] may not have been of the highest quality’ when selling a raft of new homes over the past 2 years

Taylor Wimpey promises broken: more problems with leasehold on properties sold by the house-builder Taylor Wimpey is leaving houses ‘almost impossible’ to sell

Holding deposits scam: Which? have brought forward concerns that landlords and agents are taking ‘holding deposits’ from multiple prospective tenants to play them off against one another to drive up rents

Queen’s Speech: Local Government Association briefing paper calls for more involvement of local authorities in solving housing crisis – including lifting the borrowing restrictions and reversing rent reductions. Also call for reform of legal and regulatory system re: rents in all sectors

Affordable Housing: blog from Shelter on the scandal of developers not meeting their affordable housing targets

And a story from Islington where a developer has had viability thrown out

Social Housing: blog from Tom Murtha on the ‘Return of Social Housing’

Mortgage approvals: at an 8 month low in May

Housing Benefit: problems with system as gap between benefit and market rent becomes ever wider – forcing more people in to poverty and homelessness





Grimsby: North East Lincolnshire Local Plan includes addition of 13,000 homes until 2032

Liverpool: new 300 homes approved






Wembley: 745 new apartments, with possible additional 500

Battersea Power Station: Said Khan has said Wandsworth Council have let Londoners down in agreeing to allow developers to significantly reduce amount of affordable housing on site,50KP6,NYHSFE,J4LGC,1

Estate Regeneration: brief article on new film about ‘social cleansing’ of London’s estates

Wandsworth: new block planned for former Shell Refinery site – 172 mixed tenure flats





Also – a report from Canada on the cost-effectiveness of Housing First as a model to help with entrenched rough sleepers – return on state investment of nearly 3 to 1