News round up                                                                                                                                                         19.07.17



FOIs for HAs: The News Media Association have called for Housing Associations to be subject to Freedom of Information legislation

Decent Homes?: Independent reporting that 1 in 7 social homes in England are not meeting the Decent Homes Standard

Ending Homelessness: the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness has produced a report looking in to how policy changes can make a real difference in lives of prison-leavers, care-leavers and survivors of domestic abuse

LGA funding: local authorities will have access to new funding for advisory services to assist them in combatting housing problems and homelessness in their areas

National Housing Fund: ResPublica argue for the need for a step-change in how we tackle the housing crisis

Adam Smith Institute: report claiming that housing costs are forcing young people to put off having families leading to a generation of grandparents without grandchildren





Abergele: new 150 home development given go-ahead

Right to Buy: unsurprisingly, plan to remove Right to Buy in Wales have seen right wing parties criticise the move, while Labour and Plaid Cymru have welcomed it

Supported Housing: the uncertainly in the potential changes to funding in the sector is causing concern

Govt vs Landlords: Lib Dem Housing spokesman Joe Carter has called for government to work with, not in opposition to, landlords to help ease the problems in the private rented sector

Cwmbran:  new 78 home development planned in Llantarnam

Increased production: Savill’s are encouraging housing associations to build much more – which it says will not adversely affect their business models

Flintshire: new 100 home development in Buckley causing some concern amongst locals that it will eat in to the green belt




South Yorkshire: concerns have been raised about the levels of compensation to be offered to residents in Mexborough to make way for HS2

Surrey: a salary of £115,000pa needed to buy property in Farnham, as unaffordability of housing in rural settings brought in to sharp focus

Northumberland: County Council have produce a guide for younger people on moving in to their own place and living independently

Norfolk: Campaign to Protect Rural England are trying to block additional homes being built claiming they are ‘unneccessary’

Oxfordshire: new 950 home development given go-ahead in Abingdon, despite earlier concerns about flood risk

Cheshire: council has plans for 500 new affordable homes




No growth: house prices rises have stalled – and PwC are claiming this is to continue in to 2018 and 2019

Bexley and Croydon: Orbit Housing has been allocated £14.6m to deliver 340 new homes

Grenfell: Labour have accused govt of lying about situation for survivors of the fire in relation to provision of permanent homes

Haringey HDV: following the controversial decision by council to sell off large amounts of public property to Lendlease (a private firm) the issue will be considered again by cabinet  

Croydon: council have decided to use some of their unspent Right to Buy receipts (c £25m) to invest in a local housing charity that will offer sub-market rents with longer tenancies

Barnet: Colindale regeneration project of 1,000 new homes causing infrastructure concerns