Our mission begins from the principle that everyone deserves a home that is suitable to their needs. Without a secure home no-one can flourish and become the person God created them to be.

Street homelessness is, of course, the most visible and challenging expression of housing need and social exclusion. But it is equally important to remember that many families live in unsuitable, overcrowded or insecure housing.

Further, the need for an adequate supply of affordable housing in the UK, particularly for lower income families, has never been greater.

We actively promote housing solutions that we feel have been neglected, such as community land trusts, and we have been actively involved in the development of the East London Community Land Trust.

We will also run projects, and Faith in Affordable Housing is our flagship project in that area. 

In 2013 we wrote Local Solutions to the Housing Crisis, a report exploring how church groups can, practically, address the housing crisis in their community. 

You can download the report here