For the 2018/19 winter season, Housing Justice is launching a major grant programme, supported by the Mayor of London, to help get people of London's streets and into safer and more sustainable accommodation. 

Funding is available to existing night shelters in London as well as new projects. The dual aims of the funding are to increase the number of bed spaces available across London, to ensure that no one has to sleep on the street, and to increase move on in existing shelter projects, to ensure no one returns to the street.

The minimum amount of funding projects can apply for is £1000 and the maximum amount is £15,000, the funding received must be spent during the winter of 2018/19. A full list of criteria and conditions is contained in the prospectus below.

If you have a plan for a community night shelter in your area, if there is demonstrable need and if you have the engagement of relevant stakeholder please download the prospectus and application form below, sending the completed form to [email protected]

Download Prospectus

Download Application Form