Housing News updates                                                                                                                                          11.07.17



Rural Rough Sleeping: Housing Justice comment on IPPR report stating large rise in non-urdan rough sleeping and homelessness in past few years https://www.theguardian.com/global/2017/jul/10/rural-homelessness-hidden-crisis-needs-attention-says-thinktank

Viability cheating us all: excellent piece from Steve Akehurst at Shelter in the New Statesman detailing the problems with ‘viability assessments’ as developers get out of provision of affordable homes http://www.newstatesman.com/2017/07/developers-are-using-trick-get-out-building-affordable-homes (see piece later in this round up on Battersea Power Station)

Drop in output: construction output saw the largest fall over a 3 month period since 2012 in the lead up to the General Election http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2017/07/07/construction-output-shows-sharpest-fall-for-five-years/

Leasehold v Freehold: more detail on the scandal of house-builders selling freeholds to third parties without leaseholders being aware https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jul/08/homebuyers-who-owns-freehold-housebuilders-sold

Grenfell Inquiry: Shadow Housing Minister, John Healey MP, has called for resident’s representatives to sit on panel https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/09/community-leaders-should-sit-on-panel-into-grenfell-inquiry-says-minister

Return of Sub-prime?: article detailing how some lenders have returned to the market selling mortgages to those with poor credit history https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jul/08/sub-prime-mortgage-bankrupt

Broken Planning System?: good blog from Shelter on the broken house building system – argues that planning system is not cause of the problems as often stated http://blog.shelter.org.uk/2017/07/phantom-homes-where-are-the-homes-we-need-going/

House Price Index: Halifax’s latest index report states that prices have dropped 1% in the last month, but are still 2.6% up year on year http://static.halifax.co.uk/assets/pdf/mortgages/pdf/June-2017-Halifax-House-Price-Index.pdf

Morgan Stanley, however, are more upbeat in predicting growth house prices, and are backing Lloyds who hold 22% of all mortgages in UK, for further investment opportunities http://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/180611/morgan-stanley-expects-higher-uk-house-prices-to-boost-lloyds-180611.html

Longer mortgages: Bank of England concerned about rise in longer-term mortgages http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4683790/35-year-mortgages-storing-problems-future.html

Innovation in the housing sector: interesting piece detailing some of the presentations at CIH conference that focused on tech innovations for the sector http://innovationlaunchpad.org/business/hact-at-cih-housing-2017-innovation-and-disruption/




Discretionary underspend: As Shelter Cymru have already highlighted many councils in Wales have not spent their allocated Discretionary Housing Payments – and Ceredigion is one of them http://www.tivysideadvertiser.co.uk/news/15399358.Labour_candidate_questions_Ceredigion_Council_over_housing_payments/

Value for Money: good article from Community Housing Cymru on what ‘value for money’ really means in relation to housing:

‘VFM is not just about financial measures or cutting costs. It should be an overarching principle covering the whole business, seeking to balance costs with desired outcomes and informing options and choices; supporting more new housing provision, improving homes and services and allowing associations to develop appropriate additional activities’


Tower Cladding: a detailed look from South Wales Argus on implications of safety testing in Wales http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/15402132.BEHIND_THE_HEADLINES__Understanding_cladding_safety_tests_after_Grenfell_Tower_fire/

And the Welsh Fire Safety Advisory Group has met for the first time since Grenfell  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-40563830



Gloucestershire: residents living in luxury static caravans see their lifestyle as part of the solution to housing crisis http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/forest-pensioners-say-allowing-live-175302

Sheffield: developers trying to get out of affordable housing requirements have been knocked back by Council http://www.thestar.co.uk/business/developer-makes-second-attempt-to-escape-cheap-housing-pledge-on-sheffield-site-1-8638943

Suffolk: Persimmon Homes under fire for ignoring planning requirements http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/developers-criticised-for-totally-ignoring-their-promises-over-housing-1-5097314

Manchester: Andy Burnham’s pledge to re-write the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework is likely to be significantly delayed – local councillor’s claim Burnham did not realise the scale of the work needed http://www.24housing.co.uk/news/burnhams-changes-to-housing-could-be-delayed/

Oldham: concerns from local residents as new development of 260 family homes planned http://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/8/news-headlines/104427/homes-plan-sparks-fear

Oxfordshire: the West Oxfordshire District Council local plan is to be scrutinised again following rejection in 2015 – it plans to build 16,000 new homes by 2031 http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/15397287.Plans_for_thousands_of_new_homes_go_under_the_microscope/




Asian investment: huge amount of investment in London property market – both housing and commercial - £8.8 billion in 6 months this year  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/07/09/asian-investors-spend-4bn-properties-london/

St Johns Wood: 156 new retirement homes to be built while separate flat will include 43 private luxury flats to help make the scheme pay http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2017/07/07/lords-150m-retirement-home-block-approved/

Lewisham: Council have rejected plans for town centre development with 0 social housing https://www.londonnewsonline.co.uk/26757/lewisham-planners-reject-34-tower-scheme-no-social-housing/

Battersea Power Station: more evidence of shady practice from developer in use of ‘viability’ to get out of provision of affordable homes – as profits of £1.8billion expected after developer reneged on promises made http://uk.businessinsider.com/battersea-power-station-developers-to-make-18-billion-profit-2017-7?r=US&IR=T