News round-up                                                                                                                                                         07.07.17



Grenfell: Jess Phillips MP is calling on government to do more to estimate scale of loss of life at Grenfell, with resident testimony pointing to large numbers of people living there illegally

Home Office have confirmed there will be an immigration amnesty for survivors and those affected or those who come forward with information

a consultation on the scope of the inquiry has been launched and closes on 14th July

Capturing land value: the Adam Smith Institute has suggested councils buy land, grant it planning permission, then sell it as a way of increasing revenues, and thus help to solve the housing crisis

Buy to let crackdown: Telegraph reporting that further restrictions on buy to let market are in the offing

Housing Association surplus: L&Q have announced record surplus of £332m before tax this year

Homelessness and Race: article that looks at the large over-representation of BAME individuals in homelessness applications

Rural concerns: the Rural Coalition have called for fairer treatment of non-urban areas re: affordable housing, infrastructure et al ‘for the over nine million people in danger of being ‘left behind’

While Sajid Javid has also suggested that more needs to be done in affluent non-urban areas to build more homes

Interesting piece on the need for rural communities to recognise the role they have to play in solving the housing crisis

Tax as solution: call for an overhaul of the tax system to introduce a Land Value Tax as advocated by Lib Dems, Labour and Greens at the last General Election

While this article calls for introduction of Capital Gains Tax on homes

Rough Sleeping and deportation:  harrowing account of the way foreign nationals are treated when found to be sleeping rough

Universal Credit: Citizens Advice Bureau are urging government to delay full roll out of UC as there are a number of problems with it still



Tower cladding: safety for residents in high-rise towers is a priority for Carl Sargeant, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children

Swansea: good article on where new developments are to be in local area

Rough sleeping: The Wallich have released new data which shows increases in Cardiff, and big rise in Newport

Right to Buy: calls for greater clarity for those in social housing on change in law banning Right to Buy



Oxfordshire: new 1900 home development in Didcot given approval in principle

Sheffield: Housing First scheme to be rolled out in the city – a joint scheme with the local authority and Cathedral,51D91,NYHSFE,J8JAL,1



Haringey: more detail on the protests over the proposed sell-off of public assets by the local authority

Richmond: borough likely to see highest rise in house prices according to Barclays – a massive 39% by 2021