News round up                                                                                                                                                         03.07.17



Drop in house sales: interesting report from Council of Mortgage Lenders suggests there is a still a gap of 400,000 sales each year from peak before the 2008 recession – and this is mainly due to the fact there are now fewer mortgaged owners, and they tend to be older and so naturally less likely to move’

On the brink?: Paul Cheshire, Professor of Economic Geography at LSE, is warning that signs are mounting in London’s property market that point to a potential crash in house prices

Green Belt lost: Campaign for the Protection of Rural England claim more green belt is being used for low-density builds (full report here): ‘The trend we see for low density development in green belt is a shocking waste of land not only in itself but because real social need will continue to go unmet.’

Rents going up: confidence amongst landlords is falling and it is their tenants who are paying for it with increases in rents to make up for changes in tax

While the Local Government Association has said it is no wonder there are problems in the rental system when 1 in 7 renters spends more than 50% of their income on rent

Downsizing: interesting piece on Family Mosaic research stating that many would like to downsize but can’t




Discretionary Housing Payments: Shelter Cymru have highlighted the underspend from Welsh local authorities of DHP money – which is designed to help cover short-fall where it exists between Housing Benefit and individuals’/families’ rent – local authorities have said not enough people have come forward to claim

Deposits: the average deposit required for first-time buyers in Wales is now £17,000 – causing fears people are being priced out







Rough sleeping: major new release of data from CHAIN network detailing rough sleeping numbers in all London boroughs – Mayor of London’s office hailing new figures as ‘halt in increase’

St Mungo’s response is different – pointing to a slight increase, but acknowledging a slow-down in the increase

Grenfell: Jeremy Corbyn is calling for the scope of the public inquiry to be widened after judge leading it said it would focus predominantly on what started and spread the fire

Judge, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, has since said he is prepared to be ‘very broad’, however

Nicholas Paget-Brown, leader of RBKC Council has stood down

and his successor, Elizabeth Campbell, has been criticised as an ‘unacceptable’ choice

Call from procurement specialist to centralise processes to prevent councils cutting corners

6000 new affordable homes: as Peabody and Mosaic merge they have pledged a major programme of affordable housing


Haringey: powerful piece in the Guardian on how residents wishes and concerns have been ignored in the name of regeneration

As Labour MPs urge the local council to re-think decision to sell off huge swathes of public property to developer Leadlease – amid large local protests