Homeless Sunday 2017

Homeless Sunday 2017 saw congregations in England, Scotland and Wales all consider what more they can do to help. We know that at least 71 groups did something; whether through prayer, donations to local concerned groups, or teaching youngsters; through an act of worship focused on people who are homeless or by taking part in our symbolic action with 'spare keys'.

Housing Justice spoke at 8 separate events, and Bishop James Langstaff, the Bishop of Rochester, led a national service at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster.

We now need you to tell us how we can make Homeless Sunday 2018 even better. Please fill in our survey by clicking on the banner below and let us know what you did, how you did it, and what more we could have done. It will take only a couple of minutes...

We've already had some great responses with people telling us what they did including:

'This was the best Homelessness Sunday that we have had in years. We had a real tie up with a church-based charity dealing with Homlessness in Oxford and the service was on Sunday morning. Both of these changes along with the addition of a Homelessness Trail around Oxford made the event memorable and raised the profile of Homelessness in this city.'

'Supporting homeless people is something that our church does throughout the year. By having special prayers and a collection on Homeless Sunday made some parishioners consider how they could do more.'

'We got our young people to make a shelter from cardboard boxes and spend some time out in the cold. It was fun but enabled them to think about the reality of being homeless.'

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