Housing as a Human Right

Policy Officer Niamh Costello considers whether a new approach to housing action might yield a more inclusive result. Read more

Homes for Habitation - securing tenant safety and landlord accountability

Ahead of its second reading in parliament next week, MP for Westminster North, Karen Buck, explains why the bill is so desperately needed. Read more

English Rough Sleeper Count Shows Street Sleeping Continues to Rise

Official figures released today by the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government show the number of rough sleepers counted on a single night in Autumn 2017 stands at 4751. Read more

Welsh Rough Sleeper Counts Increase 10%

The Archbishop of Wales calls for calls for join response in light of growing rough sleeper numbers. Read more

International Women's Day

Homelessness in the UK is undoubtedly a disproportionately male issue. Yet it is important to remember the specific and additional vulnerabilities facing homeless women, or those women at risk of homelessness. Yet of course, many women in the UK experience homelessness each year – although it’s hard to say how many because most counts don’t pay attention to gender. Read more

Commonweal Housing Pods in Hillingdon Night Shelter

Commonweal Housing Chief Exec, Ashley Horsey, on Flat Pack Pods as a means to turning vacant space into short term habitable accommodation. Read more

Scrap the Vagrancy Act

Working together to end the Vagrancy Act Read more

Keeping the faith: how Church based projects stay distinctive

When Faith-based projects consider partnerships, they face a tension in maintaining their identity and deeply-held values, and working with the widest possible range of organisations. Steven Pettican from the Light Project in Peterborough explains how he pursues partnerships vigourously, while keeping the Christian principles front and centre. Read more