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We offer a wide range or resources. These can be put under four categories  


  1. Campaigning resources - helping you to take action
  2. Reference resources - such as the Charter for Christian Homelessness Agencies, HJ newsletters, guides on how to set up projects - the toolkits - as well as Powerpoint presentations and other electronic resources
  3. Theological resources - produced either in-house or by third parties
  4. Links to resources on other websites

Housing Justice welcomes submissions!  If you would like to submit a piece or suggest a link, please contact us.

1. Campaigning resources

Blueprint for Local Action

This two-page document gives practical advice on how to support people suffering the consequences of the housing benefit cuts.

See the dedicated page here >>

Flyer Warning Against Gangs

Flyer warning homeless people against gangs kidnapping their peers and forcing them to work for nothing

Download the flyer here >>

2. Reference resources

Charter for Christian Homelessness Agencies

The Charter aims to articulate the integration between excellence in terms of the support offered to homeless people and a confident practical expression of Christian spirituality. An initiative of the Christian Homeless Forum with Housing Justice, October 2011.

Click on the image of the Charter logo on the right to go to the dedicated page


at the time of writing (08.07.11) HJ offers two toolkits - one gives guidance on how to set up and run a winter night shelter and is available via our Shelters Franchise page.

The other toolkit  gives guidance on how to set up a Mentoring & Befriending project in your winter night shelter. 

Download the M&B toolkit here >>>

3. Theological Resources

HJ produces theological resources on an ongoing basis, informed by our work, including exchanges with our partners; in turn, these resources may help you formulate a framework for your activities.  We welcome contributions. If you would like to submit material, please contact us

Grace and Truth with homeless people - more details here >>

4. Links to materials on other websites

Homeless resources >>