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Human Rights

Our Human Rights framework

Housing Justice has been developing a human rights framework since 2009.

This, in response to the often appalling conditions rough sleepers live in, as well as to statutory actions taken against the homeless, which we have found, at times, to be gross abuses of their human rights - see the history, left.

Today, Housing Justice works in partnership with a range of human rights organisations, notably:

Just Fair

The UK Common Rights Project

This is our latest campaign.
Its aim is to highlight the issues around the basic needs of rough sleepers to access WATER, FOOD, SANITATION and SHELTER.

At the centre of the campaign is a powerful movie, in which rough sleepers testify of their struggles in accessing WATER, FOOD, SANITATION and SHELTERS.  The movie is complemented by a report.

Both movie and report sit on a dedicated website >>>

The campaign was launched in Parliament on 18 December 2013, being sponsored by Simon Hughes, MP. 

A picture gallery of the event can be seen here >>>

For more information about our human rights framework, please contact Alastair Murray or Alison Gelder




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cover of the Rights Guide for Rough Sleepers