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Homeless Sunday


will be on 22 January 2017


On 24 January 2016, Churches, nationally, were able to

CONNECT with homeless people
CHALLENGE local politicians to act for change
COMMIT to act

THE DEDICATED WEBSITE holds the standard resources - worship resource, Powerpoint, prayer card.

HOMELESS SUNDAY SONG - On the extra resources page you will find a link to a video recording of the song we have produced for Homeless Sunday 2016 - On the Road Together. In addition to the song, also available are the lyrics, the score sheet, and an audio version of the song. 

Homeless Sunday reprises Homelessness Sunday, the only difference being a shortened name, as well as a dedicated website.  Homeless Sunday now takes place on the fourth Sunday of January, every year. 


Please note that 2014 saw the last edition of Poverty & Homelessness Action Week (a.k.a. PHAW), which incorporated Homelessness Sunday (now Homeless Sunday).

A great THANK YOU to all who contributed to and otherwise supported the campaign.

For a potted history of PHAW, visit the History page >>>