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Faith in Affordable Housing

Faith in Affordable Housing

Through our Faith in Affordable Housing project, we work with churches of all denominations in England and Wales to release surplus land or buildings for affordable housing. This means providing you with hands-on practical support and advice to help you and your church make the right decision before disposing of surplus assets. We link churches with local housing associations and facilitate discussions on selling or leasing land for affordable homes.

There is great need for more affordable housing in all areas of England and Wales and we believe the church can be part of the solution to housing need. We also help churches benefit from improved facilities through partnership working with affordable housing developers.

We help churches balance the desire to make a difference to communities, with being good stewards of church assets. We help churches ensure good governance by complying with the requirements of Charity Law if selling land or buildings for charitable purposes.

Our support includes attending church meetings to talk about the FIAH project, facilitating discussions between churches and housing associations and providing practical advice throughout the development process.  We also have a strategic role which includes lobbying government on behalf of churches and helping denominations adopt a policy on land disposal for affordable housing.

Any support or advice we provide to churches is free of charge; however any donations toward the Faith in Affordable Housing project are greatly appreciated.

Details of how to contact the Faith in Affordable Housing co-ordinators are on the Who’s Who page.

There is a summary of the FIAH project in England and its objectives for 2016-19.

We’ve produced a practical guide as a resource for churches considering disposing of surplus land or buildings for affordable housing.

There is also a Guide to the Faith in Affordable Housing Wales project. 


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