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Bedroom Tax

The Bedroom Tax Action Page

Part of Welfare Reform, the rule is officially known as the Spare Bedroom Subsidy, but is commonly referred to as the Bedroom Tax. 

Since April 2013 people receiving Housing Benefit who have a spare bedroom in their home have been presented by Government with the stark choice to either see their Housing Benefit reduced - up to about £60 a month - and pay the difference, or find a new place.

Charitable frontline services have been reporting ever-increasing numbers of grim case studies to Housing Justice and homelessness charities up and down the land. 

In order to avoid having to move, affected tenants have been reported as cutting their food expenses, even to use candlelight instead of electricity. 

Moving, as often as not, simply is not an option, as it implies moving far away, because of the severe shortage in affordable housing, and this is deeply unfair to people who have lived for a great number of years in their home - some of them having even raised their children in their flat, the reason why there is a spare bedroom in their home in the first place.

This government has been dismissing claims of the damage caused by the Bedroom Tax, but Raquel Rolnik, a United Nations Special Rapporteur on housing, who has interviewed affected tenants and frontline services in Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London has confirmed the claims of charitable frontline services: that the Bedroom Tax is causing untold misery up and down the land.

Scrap the Bedroom Tax

Rolnik has now called for the Bedroom Tax to be scrapped, referring to her findings as shocking, and stating that Britain's record on housing is worsening from a human rights perspective, specifically due to government failure to build sufficient affordable housing, compounded by Welfare Reform. 


simply click the action button below and add your contact details to send a letter to your MP asking for the Bedroom Tax at the very least to be amended to the effect of exempting people for whom there is no suitable alternative accommodation.


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Raquel Rolnik